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List of works
A Kind of Murky Blue
Changeable, Out
Of Limits
Nawleans Processional
Arran Sketches
In To Stellar Cast
Four short pieces, each written as a response to a watercolour painting by Lisa O'Brien as a part of a collaborative project with Platform 4 and Lisa for Broadcast on on 6.8.14. See also
Hut Ritual - Tom Owen
Vent - Jenny Jackson
Remote Location I - Tom James
Lisa O'Brien Biography
Lisa O’Brien is based on the North West coast of Scotland. Her practice over the years has encompassed, performance, composition, video, sound, and installation. Her practice has been influenced by living in one of the remotest parts of North West Scotland for the last 10 years and is often linked to the environment and weather conditions. Her work explores the idea of temporality, and she strives to capture the essence of fleeting moments so that they can be re-examined, to some extent re-lived and this also links with how we experience memories. She is interested in how the link between time, place and sound contribute to a specific moment in time. For remote performances Lisa will make field recordings of perceived silence in the rural setting and she will continue her exploration of developing a graphic notation to record nothingness, or what we think of as silence.
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© 20135Tom James, Tom Owen, Jenny Jackson & Chris Noble.
Changeable, Out