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Concerts & Collaborations
Since our first concert in 2011 we have tried to stage around two concerts a year. It allows us to showcase our existing works and provides a framework to write new pieces. Initially these featured all our own work but now we mix things up with existing works by new and established composers, it’s a format we feel works best.
Collaborating with other performers and artists is both exciting and rewarding. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with talanted and creative people and our music has been enriched by that collaborative experience.
All our concerts are free, at least there is no entry fee. All we ask for is a donation based on what you thought it was worth and what you can afford (this helps us towards the cost of hiring the venue).
We are hugely grateful to our performers who provide their time freely. We are in the process of crediting the performers from the earlier concerts but the more recent ones should be listed. Be sure to check out the links page.
We’d love to hear from you if are interested in collaborating with us, or performaning any of the works.
A short concert of mostly new music from Platform 4 with the emphasis on winds.
Our works:
Fluxus Boxes - Jenny Jackson
Womb - Tom Owen
Bust - Tom Owen/Bach
BWV555 Boom - Tom James/Bach
Industrial Landscape 1 - Tom James
Performance of 'Moot' for Orchestra and piano, six hands. Composed by Jenny, performed by Sheffield's Endcliffe Orchestra with Tom Owen, Tom James & Chris Noble on piano.

Moot - Jenny Jackson
The Encliffe Orchestra conducted by Martin Lightowler.

Our friend and viola/violin/bass player Tom Davies was the instigator and organisational driving force behind the three-day Brandenburg concert series. We performed all of Bach’s Brandenburg concertos, Biber’s Batallia and works from all the Platform 4 composers. All the videos are on our YouTube channel (and Vimeo too).
Our works:
Hot Flush - Jenny Jackson
Nawleans Processional - Chris Noble
Waxing Crescent - Tom James
Waning Crescent - Tom James
Shroud - Tom James
The award-winning gallery The Hepworth Wakefield was host to our collaboration with Sheffield sculptor Gillian Brent. Together our aim was to produce a changing installation of sculpture and live music.
Spectators will be encouraged to drop in at any time during the performance, to move around the space, and to view the sculptures as they are arranged and rearranged. The addition of sound  will affect the way that the sculptures are perceived and it will become an interactive multi-dimensional audio-visual experience.
The collaboration is one of mutual response to spatial relationships, shape, balance, tension, phrasing, light and shadow, and there has been a healthy exchange of ideas to enable as much of a collaborative process as possible, whilst ensuring that the individuality of each contributing artist is maintained.
Our works:
Parabola- Jenny Jackson
St. Anthony’s Sermon to the Fish - Tom James
Sawtooth - Chris Noble
Prowl Routine - Tom Owen
We toured with Welsh dance company Ffin Dance on their Connections tour. The music was written by Jenny Jackson, performed by Platform 4, and was produced in collaboration with the choreographer Sue Lewis.
The five short pieces are intentionally contrasting in character, texture and tempo and the choreography imitates this and, at times, relates directly to the relationships between the instrumental parts.
Five Dances - Jenny Jackson
Platform 4 took part in this joint concert in aid of the Shirley House Redevelopment Project along with other local performing groups to raise funds to redevelop a local small-scale performing venue.
Gina Walters (soprano) premiered two new pieces: Tom James’s ‘Crop Circle’ for soprano, bass recorder, horn and cello, and ‘Sweet Suffolk Owl’ for voice and instruments by Tom Owen. Jenny Jackson presented ‘Tableaux’ - a light-hearted sequence of five ‘sounding’ tableaux, or frozen pictures.
Internationally-renowned pianist Philip Thomas performed original and existing works from Platform 4, and Huddersfield-based composers, in two concerts.
Our works:
Sanctum - Jenny Jackson
Desire Lines
Exhibition Suite - Tom Owen
Of Limits - Chris Noble
Quartet - Tom James
'Remote Performances' collaboration with artist Lisa O'Brien. Broadcast on Resonance 104.4fm on Wednesday 6th August 2014.
The recordings of our four pieces written in response to Lisa's paintings can be found here:
Our works:
Vent - Jenny Jackson
Hut Ritual - Tom Owen
Changeable, Out - Chris Noble
Remote Location 1 - Tom James
JS Bach’s Brandenburg concertos 2 & 6 plus new and recent works by Platform 4.
Our works:
Lament - Jenny Jackson
Package 1a - Tom Owen
Prowl Routine
A Kind of Murky Blue - Chris Noble