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List of works
A Kind of Murky Blue
Changeable, Out
Of Limits
Nawleans Processional
Arran Sketches
In To Stellar Cast
Sawtooth is a series of semi-structured improvisations loosely based on the properties of a sawtooth sound wave, the shape of such a wave, the literal metallic connection with its shape, and the resulting harmonics produced from sampling and gradually increasing the pitch of a low-frequency saw wave.
The seven short improvisations play with various combinations of drum kit and Nord Electro keyboard, with each player at times interpreting various waveforms seen projected on the wall. The first two improvisations explore the physical, jagged shape of a sawtooth wave, incorporating gradual climbs and sudden drops. The remaining five see one performer taking the role of a sawtooth wave gradually increasing in pitch, with the other performer playing various peaks and troughs, exploring the aforementioned resulting harmonics. The performance connects with the sculpture by incorporating a mixture of overtly metallic sounds and, given the transitory nature of each improvisation, by riffing on the fleeting nature of the sculpture’s very existence in the performance.
Players and performances
Part of the Underscore Collaboration 21 June 2012
© 20135Tom James, Tom Owen, Jenny Jackson & Chris Noble.
Drum kit
Electric organ
Johnny Hunter
Chris Noble
Video coming soon