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St Anthony's Sermon to the Fish takes its title from the Catholic miracle where St Anthony preached to an ever-growing shoal of fish instead of the congregation who would not heed his message. Gustav Mahler's retelling in his song from Des Knaben Wunderhorn takes a surprising turn when the fish leave, having enjoyed the sermon, but they remain unconverted by the experience. This is presented as a metaphor for our audience tonight, who can come and go during the evening, and who may or may not catch a snippet of music which transforms their listening experience, solely depending on their movement.
The piece itself begins with a pulsing sea of sound, out of which emerges a glowing sermon. The splashy organ solo which follows was written as an intuitive reaction to the myriad of small lines and shapes of Gillian's work, and the complexity of interplay between the smaller sculptures. The work reaches its peak with bright, artificial colours and then subsides into the murky depths.
List of works
BWV 555 Boom
Industrial Landscape I
Remote Location I
Morning Music
Green Man
Players and performances
Part of the Underscore Collaboration 21 June 2012
Waxing Crescent
Waning Crescent
St Anthony’s Sermon to the Fish
Score and clip open in new windows.
Crop Circle
Foenix Occidit
Three Northumbrian Folk Tunes
© 2015 Tom James, Tom Owen, Jenny Jackson & Chris Noble.
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St Anthony’s Sermon to the Fish
Bass clarinets
Electric organ
Tom Owen, Jono Read
Chris Noble