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List of works
Hut Ritual
Exhibition Suite
Triple Concerto
Fastener (Bra 3) (Plunge)
Prowl Routine
Sweet Suffolk Owl
Package 1a
What a Clarinet Sounds Like
Embankment Beach
© 2015 Tom James, Tom Owen, Jenny Jackson & Chris Noble.
Tom Owen completed a PhD in composition in 2012 at The University of Sheffield. His influences largely include a number of the usual European avant-garde suspects - Boulez, Berio, Pousseur, Lutoslawski.
Tom plays clarinet and bass clarinet, and recently has been drawing on prolonged and exploratory improvisations on these instruments to generate material.
Tom has a varied teaching schedule including at Sheffield Music Academy (composition, theory, piano and 'A' level music), at the University (conducting), and private clarinet tuition.  
A number ot Tom’s works are available through Contemporary British Woodwind Sheet Music (
Tom is also a ballet repetiteur.